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Fast Facts:

Welcome to the Carolyn Bessette Kennedy tribute site

"Carolyn dated CK Model Michael Bergin",
"Carolyn was said to have been hired by Calvin Klein due to her striking resemblence to Elaine Irwin",
"Carolyn modeled briefly during college",
"Carolyn has two twin sisters, Lauren and Lisa",
"Portia de Rossi of Ally McBeal played Carolyn in a made for TV movie",
"Carolyn was said to be fearful of John's adventerous wild side",
"Carolyn grew up in classy Greenwich, CT",
"Carolyn was voted the Ultimate Beautiful Person",
"CBK Online opened it's virtual doors in October, 1999",
"Carolyn and John began dating in late 1993",
"Carolyn was often compared to her mother-in-law, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy",
"Carolyn was born January 7, 1966",
"Carolyn and John had two pets, Ruby and Friday"